Introducing Fluorescent Partners

Starting today Fluorescent is on the hunt for relationship-focused consultants, agencies and content creators who want to partner with us to improve the experience of starting a small business on Shopify.

Fluorescent Partners is an affiliate program, but one with a few more benefits than the traditional revenue share. Select consultants and agencies will be listed in our forthcoming Experts directory and we’ll be forwarding Shopify merchants their way whenever we’re asked for a small tweak or customization that falls outside the bounds of traditional theme support.

Fluorescent Partners will also get access to our company Slack, where they’ll be able to ask our developers, our designers and our support team questions about our products in real time. We want you to be able to support your clients as expertly as we support our own, and an important part of that is having access to those who know the Fluorescent suite of themes best.

We believe the best Shopify tutorials, guides and how-tos are still yet to be made, and we want to be a part of empowering the next generation to do it. If you’re a content creator, we’re looking to partner with you in much the same that we would partner with an agency or consultant.

We want Fluorescent Partners to be more than just affiliates. We’re looking for long-term relationships with other members of the Shopify ecosystem who value quality customer service and integrity just as much as we do. If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to fill out an application.



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